Sunday, 28 September 2014

Invisible Cities - 4 More Pages Of Thumbnails

Been getting on with my thumbnails exploring more of the cities, I enjoyed these last 4 pages. Most of these cities are quite interesting so it was a lot of fun to imagine them.

First up we have Diomira, from all of the thumbnails I'd say 13 is my favourite. A city with sixty silver domes, that sparked most of the shapes involved with this sheet.

Next we have Ersilia, 6 and 10 are my favourite from this sheet. A city that keeps moving as it becomes impossible to live in due to the stringy labyrinth. I can see in 10 almost the shell of what the city would have looked like. I found this one quite interesting, almost a graveyard for buildings.

Fedora is the next city explored, I like 5 and 12. Most of the influence for these came from the little globes of Fedora's that could have been.

Lastly we have Isaura, 5,6 and 16 are my favourite and I definitely enjoyed this city. I imagined it as quite a dated city, with massive Roman aqueducts, old brick windmills and a very simplistic feeling to it. this could potentially be short listed to the city I want to focus on.

Any and all feedback is welcomed!


  1. Hi Charlie. I really like the Isaura thumbnails. They are all consistent and have a simple, but effective style that looks great. Maybe, add colour to see how that works, but they all look great! Keep it up! :)

    1. Thank you Dan, I'd probably say that was my favourite page. I'll try to experiment with colour on my detailed thumbnails.

  2. I agree with Dan! The Isaura ones are really strong. You're starting to use texture without going too over the top with it NICE NICE