Monday, 22 September 2014

Invisible Cities (creative work) - Photoshop Brush Exercises

Started using Photoshop today, here's the result. I found the second exercise quite difficult to start with, using the marquee and lasso tool to create the thumbnails. However I can see the benefit from using these tools so I plan on trying to use them more for my next batch of thumbnails. I ran out of time on the third sheet so it's a work in progress which I will finish off very soon.

Any and all feedback is welcomed!


  1. 12 > Spider City = very moody, likewise 1 on the 3rd *unnamed* sheet - you're getting some nice atmosphere in there - mist enshrouded silhouettes...

  2. I agree, the mist on 5 and 12 on spider city certainly gives it an atmosphere. I also like 14 on spider city, it has interesting shapes.

  3. see link!