Sunday, 5 October 2014

Invisible Cities - 8 Pages of Thumbnails

I've finally finished my thumbnails for all 19 cities, here are the last 8. Now to decide a handful of cities that have potential and start working on more detailed thumbnails.

Leonia is basically a city filled with rubbish, it has giant mountains of rubbish surrounding the city so this was my main focus while painting these thumbnails. Quite like 6 and 11, could potentially work with those.

I took a more abstract approach for Moriana, i quite like 14 and 15.

Phyllis is another city with lots of canals and bridges, I could really see the connection with Venice in this one. 1,2 and 10 are my favourites.

 Next we have Sophronia, half the city is an amusement park while the other half is normal everyday places. I like 8 and 14 from these.

Tamara is basically a city filled with signs and advertisements. I tried to get it to the point where the buildings become hardly visible due to the amount of signs. I like 9, 12 and 13.

Thekla is a city that is still under construction, filled with scaffolding and cranes. I like 1 and 5 from this page.

Zenobia I found quite interesting, I like the idea of having structures lifted off of the ground with supports that are like stilts. 3 and 15 are my favourites from this page.

Lastly we have Zirma, I found this city particularly hard to imagine. I found myself just creating basic forms of an ordinary city. I like 8 and 9 from this page. The idea behind 9 is to show the insanity caused by the skyscrapers.

Any and all feedback welcomed!


  1. Awesome! You should try adding colour as well to get more emotion and atmosphere into your thumbnails! All about the theming.

  2. Good load of thumbnails, especially liked Phyllis 4 and 9, Zenobia 7 and 14, Zirma 8 and 12. Would be good to see these ones more in-depth especially with some colour. keep it up :)