Monday, 13 October 2014

Invisible Cities - Some More Isaura Thumbnails

Here three more thumbnails for Isaura that I did today. I took everything Phil said on board and started looking at different sources for inspiration. I felt like I struggled with the colour on these thumbnails. Ella helped me out with some video tutorials on colour theory and some work to look at for more inspiration, which I will use in the next set of thumbnails!

I tried looking at slightly different objects for inspiration, as Phil suggested I looked at a lot of Automata and Heath Robinson's work. I also looked at mouse trap because I felt that its crazy, flimsy structure could come in useful.

Any and all feedback is welcomed!


  1. I like no 3 - but all those rounded blobs as buildings? I think you should ban 'rounded blobs' and resolve an actual rulebook for the architecture of Isaura - find a vocabulary of forms that connect with your concept, and have an identity of their own. Nice to see you embracing colour - for more courage when it comes to combining rich colour, try this online resource:

    1. Yeah I got completely carried away with those blobs. Thanks for the feedback, I'll get straight on it!