Wednesday, 29 October 2014

What If Metropolis - First Thumbnail Sheet

I did a sheet of 9 thumbnails this morning, I tried to create structures that resembled either the female form or Jean Paul Gaultier's designs, for example number 2 is based off one of his dresses that is made almost completely out of metal. This got me thinking in the sense that metal could be a main material for most of the buildings. Its still the early stages so I'm going to look into Jean Paul some more and find out exactly what he uses to make his designs. As he does couture, he uses only the finest materials, so my world will be enriched with only the best fabrics and metals, which would mean this city would be a very expensive place to live.

I quite like the design of the building in number 2, however the composition isn't working. I feel like the composition of number 9 could work. Overall I think the first page is the hardest page to produce, hopefully the next few pages should fly out now that I'm a little more loosened up.

Any feedback is welcomed.


  1. Loving your idea's so far Charlie it's great to see you get stuck in straight away! I think you're already understanding your artist well, I also like number 2 but I agree the composition needs fixing!

  2. Fashion can be all about negative space, sometimes! Push form! Think about DESIGN. Don't just take a dress and add a door. Materials, too in this respect.