Wednesday, 29 October 2014

What If Metropolis - Thumbnails 10 - 34

Getting stuck in with the thumbnails, using Jean Paul Gaultier's designs as silhouettes as Jordan suggested to me and playing around with them. Some of the silhouettes have really nice form and I believe they have great potential to be some important buildings in the metropolis.

 I really like 17 and 19 from this page, I think they have great form and look almost futuristic. I see 17 as a temple of some kind, quite extravagant and I see 19 as either a futuristic block of flats or like a work place, like a factory of some kind.
Getting so many bad ideas out the way, 27 looks like it could have some potential as well as 22. they almost resemble sky scrapers to me, 27 actually looks like it could be another temple or an important building of some kind, like a city hall, etc.

I tried to use some of the new forms I had made in some compositions, 31 works really well to me so I expanded the view on 34 to show more. I quite like the angle of 32, it shows that the building (17) is tall and powerful. 

So these are more of my initial ideas,  after the lecture from Laurence Campbell I've decided that I'm going to thumbnail until I'm extremely pleased with the results. If there's one thing I've learnt today, it's that thumbnails are the most vital step (finally drilled in).

Any feedback is welcomed.

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