Sunday, 2 November 2014

What If Metropolis - Influence map and Thumbnails 44 - 61

I did a kind of influence map today, putting some of Gaultier's work down and figuring out what aspects I can use from it, what pushed him to design it, etc.

I want to try and incorporate the sailor stripes into the metropolis, this is one of Gaultier's inspirations that he repeated uses and changes. The cone bra will result in some conical buildings popping up throughout town as it's his most icon piece. I like the idea of making the city futuristic, which is driven by his metropolis range, which uses advanced materials in the creation. The urban jungle range is a mixture of traditions, this is an interesting concept that could shape the city to make it a multi cultural place to live and finally the punk couture brings some energy and colour to the mix.

from all of these I'd say 52 sticks out to me, it feels as if the smoke/mist is almost engulfing the city.

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  1. Wow that is lots of impressive work so far, I particularly like 60, I think going with the sailor stripes is a very good idea, and you should probably start on your colours now :) 52 is a very nice one, if you "zoom in" you could have one of the more outer buildings as the foreground and build the rest of the city on that, should work out well!