Monday, 24 November 2014

What If Metropolis - Revisiting Production Art

I've started to re produce my production art (hopefully to a much higher standard). I'm quite happy with this page and will continue to produce the rest like this. These buildings are definitely growing on me the more I draw them, no more generic cubes.


  1. nice and clean, Charlie. Though I would observe that the branding is a bit big and just gives the sense of crowding the assets themselves - maybe a little smaller and perhaps a less horrid typeface? (be warned, I'm a typeface fascist!) Can you find a typeface that is more in keeping with your quirky, fashion illustration world, as opposed to this font beloved of wedding invitations and teashop menus...? :) I'd also observe that the top of the first asset is very close to edge of the design sheet - again - feeling a bit cramped. Great to see you branding, but a few tweaks would lend further professionalism and polish!

    1. Thanks for the feedback Phil, I will tweak again and upload the results.

  2. I like the outcrops on the building on the right. It looks like it has ears.