Monday, 17 November 2014

What If Metropolis - Structure Thumbnails 174 - 185 (Updated)

Some production art for my city, these are the buildings that are mostly foreground and mid-ground elements, which most likely means I will be modelling a lot of these as I want the matte painted element to be the background which will be the towering city.

I think red as a colour is something that's sticking as I want the city to be very warm and quite erotic as Gaultier's work is very much playful and erotic.

  Added some variety to the colours as Phil suggested, keeping with quite warm and inviting colours.


  1. Good! Makes more sense than the neurotic purple, anyway.. funny how those words are similar.

  2. like - but do they all need to be the same colour, Charlie? Wouldn't there be variation in any cityscape? Otherwise you might create a 'chess set' effect...