Monday, 17 November 2014

What If Metropolis - Thumbnails 161 -164

Still focusing on trying to make my composition less flat and more interesting. 164 is possibly my favourite, even though it still feels quite flat. I might have to block out the scene in Maya and use a camera to try and find a composition that works.


  1. There's a really nice atmosphere going on here. As I said to you on Skype you should really try pushing the rule of thirds or you might have the same issue as before with it being too symmetrical or having a centre object. (In this case the road) Make sure you're drawing perspective lines when you start as that's what you're doing after all. ..Just don't get too held up on them as guidelines or your seemingly jiggly jello mould-buildings could start to look like rectangles of DOOM D^:

    It's nice to use Maya to figure out a perspective but you'll learn more from trying and failing a few times first by yourself. However we do now have time constraints on where we should be, so maybe Maya is nice to turn to in this specific instance just to save time. (I believe that's why production designers use Maya in this way in the Industry, anyway.)

  2. I agree with Ella the atmosphere is really lovely, if you can translate it to Maya then that would be wonderful! I also have to agree with the point about your composition, 161 and 164 are particularly nice but I'm drawn to the road in both! I think skewing either of these thumbnails and having the road at an angle so it's not so central may help?

  3. I agree with both Ella and Kayliegh, the road needs to change and I also think that a city where every single building is different wouldn't have straight roads that quarter your city into districts, I think you need something quirkier, have zig-zag lines, dead ends, or just curvy roads. But don't get me wrong, I love your buildings and the mood you're creating with them is phantastic :)