Monday, 3 November 2014

What If Metropolis - Thumbnails 76 - 97

For these thumbnails I followed Jordan's advice and started trying to use Gaultier's work slightly differently, By using different sections of his designs I was able to extend the potential structure list for my city. Done with the lasso tool, picking colour straight from Gaultier's designs.

I quite like some of the stranger designs like 90 and 94, I feel as if 87 and 92 work well as structures.


  1. love these thumbs, Charlie - they have a certain cheekiness that suits! :) - love 90, for example - fun!

  2. They are great, my favourite colour combination is 82, rainbows ;-) I think 89 has a lot of potential as well, it could turn into a hillside or be a carpet rug or a cloak. 95 is just bonkers and I love it, maybe they can turn into exotic room plants?

  3. 95 is looking so good, it can definitely be a tree concept from your metropolis