Tuesday, 20 January 2015

From Script To Screen - Final Story Idea

After chatting to Phil, he lead me to this resolved and connected story idea. I did a quick bit of research and found a bird that flies the furthest, symbolising the greatest freedom. The bird is the Arctic Tern, which travels the distance of the earth yearly.

Becoming free from the entrapment of a dull life

- Door to door salesman feels trapped in his job, depressed
- He sells encyclopedias of the world and has to lug them around all day
- One day at work, a potential customer slams a door in his face and he drop his encyclopdeia
- The encyclopedia lands open on a page with an Arctic Tern (bird that migrates the furthest)
- The salesman starts imagining the bird flying free, he then has a flash back to a memory of him as a child, skateboarding around the streets, almost flying with the wind hitting against him.
- He runs to the local zoo and looks at the animals stuck and feels as if that reflects his life, he feels trapped.
- He sees an Arctic Tern stuck in a cage and manages to set it free, he feels empowered by the bird’s freedom
- He skates off, pages of encyclopedia flying behind him, as well as his tie and jacket that symbolise his entrapment.
- It ends with him skating off into the distance, free