Thursday, 15 January 2015

From Script To Screen - Story Ideas

I've neglected to post my ideas up, mainly because until today I hadn't finished a whole story or concept, I would be writing one story and then think of something else and start writing that one. However this has left me with a few different ideas and options to choose from.

All of these stories are set in a world that is a zoo, I did this as I felt as if I could inject more of my style in to it. So the inhabitants are animals that are human like and the world has fences that plot off everyone's land, the houses will be based off of the animals that live there for example, if a lion lived in that plot of land, the house would be rock based and the land would reflect there normal habitat.

 I would also like to point out that the names associated with the stories aren't final, they were used more as a reference for me to find and add to each story, a lot of them aren't finished and are basic concepts but I would very much like to hear what you think.

Enchanted items:
Travelling merchant goes door to door selling enchanted toys, he goes to the castle to try and sell his toys to the young prince. The prince is uninterested in the wares that the merchant has to offer, until his eyes catch a glimpse of the merchants enchanted skateboard. The young prince demands he must have the skateboard, the merchant agrees to sell the board to the prince however he warns him that the board has a mind of its own.

The prince greedily takes the board and sends the merchant away, later that night as the prince begins to sleep the skateboard springs to life and ventures around the castle, the mischievous skateboard smashes a vase that was placed on a table. In the morning the King see’s the mess and punishes the prince, the prince is confused and returns to his room as ordered by his farther. 

The prince witnesses the skateboard spring into life and is amazed, he realises that the board broke the vase and decides to try and teach the skateboard what is wrong and right. The board becomes a real friend to the prince and they have lots of fun together.

Late one night random things start disappearing from people’s homes, from one home a young boy’s skateboard is stolen. He wakes up to find his board is missing so he runs to his farther and asks for his help. The farther and son go and search for his board, while walking down the street they see a man, going door to door wearing rags. He was pulling his rag to the side revealing various items that he was trying to sell, the young boy notices his skateboard concealed by the man’s rags.

Turned to wood:
A figure in rags is by a bubbling cauldron muttering words, throwing random things into cauldron. A puff of smoke rises from the cauldron in the shape of a skull before it disappears; the ragged figure laughs hysterically and grabs a nearby piece of wood. He continues muttering words while holding the wood over the cauldron; the liquid bubbles up and grabs the wood, dragging it into the cauldron. A flash of light explodes from the cauldron and the room goes dark. 

A flashback to the past occurs, a time in which a young man came to this figure trying to sell him a skateboard. The young man tricked the figure into believing that the skateboard possessed magical powers and would aid him with his spells. In exchange for the ‘magical’ board the young man wanted to be an all-powerful king, the figure agreed and performed a spell which turned the young man into what he had wished for, this came at a price and made the ragged figure very weak and vulnerable. The newly appointed king didn’t want the figures power being used against him so he threw him in a prison cell to rot. Feeling deceived the figure sat in the corner of the cell, plotting his revenge.

Back in the present we see the figures spell working, the king begins to feel sick and stumbles down his halls. A green smoke wraps itself around him, and spins him around, the smoke engulfs him and when it fades the castle starts to disappear and the king begins to transform back to the door-to-door salesman with only his skate board.

The Orphan:
Door to door salesman goes door to door selling various goodies; he uses a skateboard as his means of travel. He arrives at a house that appears to be empty, it has a basket on the front step that has a baby in it, and he looks around confused, trying to see if its parents are around, but he cannot see anyone. He decides to take the baby as he cannot leave it alone to die; he skates off home with the basket in his arms.

The Young Salesman:
There is a young man who gets his first job as a door-to-door salesman, He skates around town trying to sell his companies goods to as many people as he can.

Equal Rights:
A young woman has just got her first job as a door-to-door salesman, the company she works for specialise in selling a range of sports items and wear. When arriving at her office, her co-workers are all male, they look up in disgust and turn to each other and start whispering. She meets with her boss and finds out what she has to sell and her route. Upon leaving his office she is stopped by one of her co-workers, who laughs and her and asks ‘Aren’t you scared you’re going to break a nail?’ astounded by the man’s ignorance she pushes past him and gets off to her first day.

She gets on with her job and by the end of the day she returns to the office, the man who confronted her earlier is celebrating, he had just been awarded employee of the month, for selling the most items. His picture was hung on the wall for all to see, he approaches the young woman and mocks her, suggesting she should give up and retire back to her home. 

Determined to do well the young woman heads out for the next month, successfully selling lots of items and become a very well respected and known individual around the office. The figures of each salesman and woman are tracked and it appears that the young woman and the ignorant man are tied for points; it comes down to one last transaction.

The boss decides to send both of them out to houses that have never bought anything from the company before. The woman arrives at the house and knocks on the door, an old man answers and slams the door in her face. Intent on not giving up the woman knocks on the door again, the man answers once more and asks what she wants, the woman explains she is trying to sell a skateboard. The old man laughs and questions why a woman is trying to sell a man’s thing, the woman isn’t fazed by the rudeness of the man and she places the board on the floor, she skates around outside his home, which shocks the old man. Impressed with her effects he agrees to buy the board and apologises for his misjudgement.

She returns to the office to see that the man had failed to sell his last item, there for she becomes employee of the month, everyone celebrates and the story ends with a close up of her photo on the wall.

The last one so far is my favourite and has the most meaning behind it, the idea sparked today from a story that Sam told me. I wanted to create a story that demonstrates how the world is still tackling the issue of equal rights and how everyone should be treated equally.


  1. "Employee of the month" I really like that one!

  2. Yeah I think the Employee of the Month one seems to have the most potential though I'm not sure the zoo part is being incorporated enough. You could have the characters wearing things like tiger-striped ties, leopard-print etc to emphasise the zoo aspect. Or could you maybe have the zoo-keeper as the door-to-door salesman and he is trying to persuade the animals to have different diets or something? Could he be trying to sell the zebra off to the lions as food maybe? Or maybe he has to use the skateboard to get around quickly as some of the animals get annoyed if they're kept waiting?