Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Fantastic Voyage - Cell Thumbnails

I did some thumbnails for possible cell designs, as I am basing my animation inside a computer I wanted to create cells that could represent that. I was finding the parasite/virus cells difficult to design, as they need to look threatening and I felt as if I was making them too cute. However 34 looks as if it could be invading a system to me, as does 33 and 36.

I also thought about colour coding each cell, so the red blood cells could be blue, the liver cells could be green and the virus cells could be red for example.


  1. I know I'm bringing up the cliché colour coding but wouldn't it be more understandable if the blood cells were red and the viruses green (=disease, zombie, sick)?

  2. in this instance, I don't think the green = bad is going to help, just because we equate green with computers and 'healthy computers'; perhaps the virus cells could be depicted as a 'glitching' thing - so it phases and fizzes and communicates its otherness that way? In terms of the shapes here, I just think that your shapes should be more 'pure' because you're in this 'non organic' space, and some of the outlines/contours of your various elements fee too irregular to me.