Monday, 30 March 2015

Fantastic Voyage - Intro Live Action Tests

Today I filmed the live action shots with the help of Sam and PG, here are my test edits.

01. Raw footage, no colour correction

02. Colour corrected

03. Colour corrected & graded

04. Colour corrected & graded

05. Colour corrected & graded

06. Colour corrected & graded

Some of these were more experimental, pushing certain colours to see what effect it had on the overall tone of the footage. From here the video will transition into the Maya world, previs will determine if it works well.


  1. That UCA logo placement hahahaa

    I was going to say maybe you could find a cheap USB that's got a simple shape, or buy one that's a certain colour and paint a mosquito on it or something, to fit with your concept art.

  2. Nice :) I wondered if anyone was going to mix live action with animation