Friday, 20 March 2015

Fantastic Voyage - Mosquito USB Stick

I haven't decided how I want to tackle the USB stick scene yet, Phil suggested live action which I will hopefully test out over the weekend to see how the transition from live action to Maya will look. So I decided to design some mosquito USB sticks, if the live action does happen I will have to brand a USB stick with a mosquito to make sure the metaphor is understood.


  1. I like mosquito head number 83. I can see the eyes going red when the virus is being transferred to the computer. 89 is nice too, depends if you are more after a graphic mosquito or an accurate looking one.

    P.s. USB stick 88 is smiling...I can't unsee it

  2. I like how 82. It's a clever combination of the head and body shape. I like 87 for the dynamic look on the side.

    And I agree with Sam, maybe the eyes could be LEDs?