Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Fantastic Voyage - Story Idea

I started to plan out how the life cycle is going to be told, it will rely on the use of a heads up display to inform the viewer of where they are and what they are looking at, seeing as it's based inside a computer it will be quite an abstract place.

Act 1:
USB stick carrying the virus is put into an usb port on a laptop, the camera follows into the usb port and the life cycle begins. The first stage of the virus (Sporozoites) begins to makes its way into through the computer until it reaches the liver chipset, a heads up display informs the viewer of where they are and what the stage of the virus. Inside the liver chipset the virus invades the liver cells and begins to multiply until it causes the liver cells to explode. Stage two of the virus is released from the exploded cell (merozoites).

Act 2:
The virus travels back through the main stream of the computer, finding red blood cells to invade. It begins to multiple inside the red blood cell until it explodes; stage two of the virus is released into the main stream of the computer again. The virus continues to invade red blood cells, destroying the computer, it then begins to form stage three of the virus inside the blood cells (gametocytes). The virus becomes male and female, each one in a separate blood cell.

Act 3:
The third stage of the virus is uploaded to a new USB stick, inside the USB stick the virus merges to and settles in the wall of the USB stick forming the last stage of the virus (oocyst). The virus starts to develop the first stage insides itself until it causes the virus to burst. The first stage is then ready to infect a new computer. The USB stick is plugged into a new laptop and the cycle starts again.

This is my first idea, using a USB stick to represent the mosquito. Any feedback would be appreciated.

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