Saturday, 26 September 2015

Character - Brainstorming Ideas

I made an influence map to help get my brain rolling with ideas, because I have found these three words to be quite challenging. However that being said once I started to look at games and thought more in depth I found a bunch of examples.

From this I thought of a quick concept for a possible game. It could be a side scroller game, in which you play as a character that can morph/stretch his limbs. The objective of the game would be to clear a path for a character in need, you can achieve this by using your body as tools to fix the mess in the way, or stretch across a surface to form a bridge, etc. The different characters could be popular culture inspired, so it could be Dracula needs to get back to his coffin before sunrise, or the princess needs to be taken to her knight in shining armor.

I am slightly unsure if i am using the 'Movies' card effectively, so any suggestions on how it could be used would be very appreciated and any thoughts on the other cards will also be welcomed.


  1. The idea of a game and cleaning reminded me of Viscera Cleanup Detail...not sure if that would be helpful but figured I'd mention it ^_^

    1. Thank you, I don't think I have heard of that so I shall check it out :)

  2. One thing that got suggested to me was to think about the two other words that came with each card. When I got "events" I felt the thing was very broad, but the inclusion of "holidays" and "celebrations" on the card helped me narrow down what kind of event to base my game on.