Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Character - Concept Cards

Theses are the three cards that I picked out for my Character project:

"Movies" - Television / Pop Culture
"Cleaning" - Tidying / Ordering
"Elasticity" - Squash & Stretch / Bounciness

At first I struggled to see how I could arrange these to start thinking of a game and characters but after talking with Alan I started to get some ideas flowing. 

I have the potential to play with different genres due to the movies card, so it could be a game in which you travel through different genres fixing them putting them back in the correct order, perhaps a horror genre has a fairy princess in it instead of a villain for example. The elasticity could be the method of getting around the world, the characters could bounce instead of walking.

This is the first idea, so I plan on thinking a lot about the cards and shuffling them around to get different results.


  1. Katamari Damacy


    1. Thank you Alan, this game actually looks really fun.