Friday, 2 October 2015

Character - More Ideas

I have started to think more about the character project so I am more prepared for Tuesday, to start with I listed the words I have and started to think of other words that these remind me of. 

Elasticity – squash and stretch, Bounciness

Stretching, rubber, ball, catapult, springiness, gum, flexibility, adaptability, fluidity

Cleaning – Tidying, Ordering
Removing, gloves, scrubbing, sponges, bubbles, puzzle, logic, purification, purging, sweeping, brushing,

Movies – TV, Pop Culture
Princess, film rolls, projectors, cinema, spectacle, horror, fantasy, motion pictures, silent

Using these I started to re think some ideas, here is what I have so far:

  • Special rubber suit that our hero wears to make him stretchy, he is transported inside film rolls to clean up the mess that has been placed inside. The player will have to use the abilities of the suit to make it through the level, moving things back into the correct place and removing enemies from the level. (Puzzle/Action game)

  • The Princess needs saving from the wrong genre, she has been transported by an evil mastermind to a horror genre. An unlikely hero steps forward to help return her to her genre, an experiment from a mad scientist. The unlikely hero has super stretchy skin, so he can propel himself great distances and heights. The objective of the game is to clear a path for the princess to move freely through the level. The player will have to manoeuvre around the level moving or breaking things so the path is safe. (Side scroller/Puzzle game)

  • A villain is defacing different worlds inside a roll of film. The hero is equipped with a cleaning canon that has to be attached to a hose. The hose restricts how far the player can move, if they go too far the hose springs them back. So the player has to enter the worlds inside the film roll and restore them back to the original state with their cleaning canon. This requires players to attach and detach the hose to different water supplies to make it through the levels. (Side scroller)

  • It could be a side scroller game, in which you play as a character that can morph/stretch his limbs. The objective of the game would be to clear a path for a character in need; you can achieve this by using your body as tools to fix the mess in the way, or stretch across a surface to form a bridge, etc. The different characters could be popular culture inspired, so it could be Dracula needs to get back to his coffin before sunrise, or the princess needs to be taken to her knight in shining armor.

  • A crazed man has cursed the world, turning into a black and white silent film; our hero must cleanse each land from the curse set by the villain. The hero is a colour being that can adapt its body to suit its environment. The objective of the game is to destroy the curse in each zone; this involves killing monsters that spawn due to the curse and destroying the object that projects the curse. One a zone has been cleansed it will become colourful again.

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  1. Hey Charlie, idea's 3 and 4 sound really cool. I can definitely visualise the challenge in the limited hose length for number three. The morphing protagonist of idea 4 reminds me of Clayface! :D You could have loads of fun with the archetypal characters and what kinds of predicaments they've found themselves in! Great ideas! I can't wait to see the characters :D