Sunday, 10 January 2016

Adaptation B - Initial Ideas

I've been thinking about Adaptation B and what I would like to do in the future, I decided that I would like to focus on 3D Animation and develop work in this project that could be used for my showreel. Here are the first few ideas I've had, due to the time restriction a whole refined animation could prove to be difficult, as getting to animation isn't a quick process.

The first Idea I had was to visualize music genres as characterful spirits for a fighting game, the overall goal would be to have a character that has animated cycles ready for the game such as idle, breathing, walking, running, attacking, etc. This idea involves taking representation of different genres and creating characters from them, in my mind they feel more like spirits that clearly reflect the genre.

The second idea was to adapt gods from Japanese mythology for a game, either a fighter or RPG. One of the gods I was thinking about adapting was Amaterasu who is the sun goddess or her trickster brother called Susanoo, the storm god. Like the first idea it would involve creating the character and having animation cycles ready.

The third idea was actually to adapt my dogs mental behaviour to people leaving the house (not sure if this really counts), whenever he is left alone he literally destroys the house and gets to places that are blocked off tight enough to stop a zombie apocalypse. So I was thinking of making a short animation in which the dog is actually defending the house from the appliances taking over.

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