Friday, 15 January 2016

Adaptation A - Design & ABC's (so far)

After my tutorial with Alan he suggested looking for influence at Asda, so I went and took some photos of branding and shelves that had a nice layout.

Here's an couple of ideas I had for the infographic one involves using a products to display the abcs on and the other was more influence by adverts, the first idea would have the camera pan across the shelf and the labels would represent the letter, while the product gave information. The second idea would have the banner rotate in, this has the information and letter on it. An icon that relates to the information would then animate into the frame.

The ABC's so far, I think they will need adjusting but this is the first attempt, it was meant to start off nice and then by the end it was meant to be more bitter, kinda like a normal day in retail.


  1. This looks great Charlie. Some suggestions for the other letters...

    U - Utter waste of time?
    Y - Yawn...
    Z - Zzzzzzzz

    1. I like those! Utter waster of time is great :D