Monday, 11 January 2016

Adaptation A - Ideas & Research #2

I've been working on figuring out different ways that the infographic could possible work, below are my ideas so far.

For this idea I thought about having a shopping trolley with a moving background, as it goes over the different letters, a image that relates to them would come out of the trolley and the voice over would give the information. The issue with this idea is that it could potentially get boring very quickly, where as I need something to be engaging for 26 letters.

The next idea is more character driven, the character would be in a circle (coin) and it would flip to change the letters. As the infographic went on the character would get more and more unhappy as it begins to discuss how customer service isn't always very nice. It would need some more information outside the circle but at the moment I am unsure how to add to it.

I've been watching a few more infographics for addition design ideas, below are a few that I liked.

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