Friday, 5 February 2016

Adaptation A - Final Submission


  1. This is amazing Charlie! Made me laugh :')

  2. lots to enjoy here Charlie - but someone has to say it I guess - you're missing an 'X' ... can you insert one asap?

  3. I enjoyed watching your infographic Charlie, it features the right kind of content, has great graphics, and is very fun. You’ve also managed to create twenty-six ‘slides’ that all feel interesting to watch too. I particularly like the ‘ninja’ scene, very fun. There’s a lot of work here Charlie and considering you wrote a script and sourced a voice over artist too it shows a great deal of commitment and good use of the time - Yes, if you had extra time there was room for more animation but overall I enjoyed the paired down aesthetic, it added a nice dimension to the film too. Well done

    Unfortunately your infographic does have one single fundamental problem (layered in two parts). Firstly the script which is a slightly too ‘wordy’ and features slightly ‘awkward’ fractured dialogue (easy to write hard to say). Secondly the flat reading which adds to the awkwardness, giving your animation a ‘clunky’ feel. My guess is your voice artist was struggling to find a way to speak your written dialogue. Overall this impacts on the fluidity of the animation and interrupts the communication and flow. Even though it’s a cliché perhaps an ‘A is for’ followed by a simple statement would have produced a better read and more constant rhythm. However, with a quick reworking of your script and a new read your film could be easily fixed due to its good ‘DNA’.