Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Adaptation B - Pop Princess Idle Cycle #1

I did the basic idle cycle, next step is to create a longer idle cycle by add some variety and life with render layers. 

After that I will be working on creating either a taunt animation or some attacking animation, I want to have some staff spins that are quite stylized like the ones in Nickelodeons TMNT series (at 4:01):


  1. I think you could add some facial movement into this one - a short blink or a wink? Maybe a smile? Could be worth trying out

  2. The tension is almost tangible with this one :D Excellent job!

  3. Definitely needs facial animation Charlie...at the very least a blink.

    1. Hey Alan, that is some of the life I will add with the render layers, thank you for the comment.