Thursday, 29 September 2016

Minor Project - Boy Vs Bed Poem Progress #2

After some conversations with Phil here is how my poem looks at the moment:

There once was a boy who was scared of his bed,
For sleep he believed, would end up with him dead,
His parents told him there was nothing to fear,
As they shut his door, saying “go to sleep dear” ­

But the boy knew better, he was fully aware,
That his bed was a monster and his room was its lair,
With the passing of months, the boy started to rattle,
his life’s on the line, with his bed he must battle,

As the light began fading, his room became dark,
His bed was ferocious, on the hunt like a shark
His room started shifting, it was vast like an ocean,
the bed encircled him, his heart beat in slow motion,

he won’t be consumed by the jaws of the bed,
if silent he remains, he won’t lose his head,
This brawl requires stealth, that’s how he’s survived,
But now it’s become harder, being sleep deprived.

Exploding from the shadows, comes a ghastly grip,
The creepy coiling covers, wrapped around his hip,
The spinning sheets quickly travel up his tummy,
The dreadful grasp, encasing him like a mummy,

He is unable to move in the web he is stuck,
The beds creaking crawls closer, he feels out of luck,
With the monster in sight it lets out a scream,
The boy only wishes that this was a dream,

Slowly his eyes are shutting, they’re as heavy as lead,
The doctor prescribed pills, their effect starts to spread,
The parents awake, in the morning they discover,
That their boy is missing, they can only blame each other.

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