Monday, 24 October 2016

Minor Project - Furniture Thumbnails #1

Today I started working on the wardrobe and bedside cabinet for my animation, using samurai jack, powerpuff girls and upa animations as a style reference. I will continue to explore these objects as they will be the main hero props. I need to make sure that the top of the wardrobe isn't too complicated as the boy will spend some scenes on top of it.

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  1. different things going on here: i'm drawn to 2 in design terms, because the little additions of detail are welcome and put your story into a UPA meets gothic place, and if you were to take that idea into the bed, then you've got a bit more to work with in terms of the detailing of the headboard etc - that suggestion of carving and fancier shapes - that said no 5 has a 50s vibe and the shape would play well into your forced perspective staging as proposed by your storyboard - I think maybe a clearer sense of the interior design for the boy's room - 50's 'atom-age' style or post-war drab with lots of dark wood 'antique' furniture?