Friday, 7 October 2016

Minor Project - Plan

Today in my tutorial with Alan we discussed a plan for my minor project, in it's basic form I will be trying to get everything ready for animation except the full environment. I will be aiming to create temp backgrounds that work for each shot and I will be trying to block out the key poses that are needed to tell the story.

So for the minor project I plan to have:
- Characters and environments designed
- Characters modelled, rigged and textured (animation ready)
- Temp environments made ready for animation
- Storyboard and Animatic
- Poem Narrated
- Music composed
- Planned animation (key thumbnails)
- Key poses blocked out in Maya
- Previs of the short (to test if the story reads and the poses work)

Getting all of this done will put me in a great position for the major project, I will then be able to focus heavily on animation. 

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