Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Minor Project - Environment Thumbnails & Parents Orthographic

I changed up the colour scheme for the wardrobe and bedside table and then did some quick sketches of the room, it's furnishing and colour is still going to be explored but in this one I tried to make it quite dull.

I also did a quick parents turnaround to use as a starting point in Maya, I feel as if I will be able to model these characters without a guide but having something to get the model started is always useful.


  1. I think you need to get some 'boy' colours back into that room - and I'd suggest the light and lampshade are too grand seeming.

  2. Just my two cents but perhaps be careful as to where your doorway light falls? Right now the area looks rather busy with the table-lamp-curtain items so I personally wonder if the parents' shadows would still be readable against those, considering you'll also have the boy in the way.