Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Minor Project - Boy Textures #01

These are the current textures for the boy, he is currently missing his buttons because I couldn't remember how to attach them to the rig, so that will be a question for Alan. I can now move onto the parents, the boy will need some additional face shapes when it comes to lip syncing as I want the transition between shapes to be smooth at points.


  1. Hi Charlie...

    1) Duplicate the mesh
    2) Bind the new mesh
    3) Copy the weights from the new to the old mesh (Select the old, select the new, copy weights)
    4) Delete the faces that you don't need on the new mesh (eg keep a strip where the buttons are.
    5) Geometry Smooth the remaining faces (levels = 2)
    6) Use the rivet script by...

    A) Download the rivet script from the tutorial site (bottom of page / useful software).
    B) In script editor source the script
    C) Select an edge either side (above and below or either side) and type 'rivet' into the MEL command line (bottom of Maya interface).
    D) Select the new locator and in the Attribute Editor set the local scale lower (to suit).
    E) Select the button and then the locator and then parent.

  2. Note: Press 'Enter' on the numerical keypad to execute the 'rivet' command (Step C)