Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Major Project - Lighting & Mist Test #1

Today was spent trying to get some lighting set up in my scene, I spoke to Alan in the morning and he suggested trying to get the broadest stroke of colour in first using ambient occulsion. This is how it is looking so far, I quickly realised that it is tricky to light a night time scene, but I will carry on adding lights and finessing.

I also did a quick test of the mist in flash to see if it would work with my animation. there will need to be multiple layers of mist however I believe it will work quite successfully in the final film!

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  1. Re. lighting - if you decided there was a window on the right allowing in moonlight, then you've got the opportunity for some expressionistic lighting in terms of picking out details on the furniture etc. Likewise, if you decided that, even before the door opens, there's yellow/orange light coming in from the crack under the door, you get some accent colour into the scene too. You could decide that the stars on the wall were 'glow in the dark' and thus giving some green tinge to surrounding objects? Anyway, broad point is you might want to nominate some light sources - however expressionistic - to help you build interest. You might also consider 'lighting his eyes' - just a touch - not so that they glow, but so we're drawn to him - or even dialling up the whiteness of his eyes - just a touch - to draw us to him.