Friday, 28 April 2017

Major Project - Lighting Test #3

I added a lens to my camera in Maya as suggested by Alan, this helped me make the scene darker overall.

I then added some extra rim lights and a back light for the boy to make him pop. I also took the image into photoshop and adjusted the curves to push the values a bit more.

I went into the next scene and imported my lights to see if they work with close ups, after getting some feedback from Alan it was apparent that the lamp and bed need some bounce lighting from the wall, I went ahead and added that. I think it helps the image to pop out a bit more, however my render times are starting to creep above 5 minutes which is longer than I wanted them to be.


  1. but anyway, you don't want things to go too dark, right? I think you want some of the detail in that shot - you just need to create the impression of 'nighttime' as opposed to real nighttime... for me, these wide shots are too dark now - but the close-up is looking v. nice.

  2. indirect lighting may bounce light off textures and lighten it if its to dark but i think the first image is looking good and like a dark room