Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Bedtime Story - New Shot & Water FX

Part of my feedback from hand in involves me changing one of the earlier scenes to better reflect the wording of the poem. The poem reads "would wind up with him dead" so to illustrate this I have thumbnailed some of my ideas. It will be a 2D shot and at the moment I quite like 4 and 8, any opinions or feedback is of course welcomed.

I've been working on adding some 2D animations to help sell the water shots,I also tracked the particles in the underwater shots to create the feel of depth. I will be adding some kelp to further the z depth of the shot and to hopefully make the underwater scenes feel more underwater.


  1. I also quite like number 4 with the light rays and full graveyard setup, I don't know if this is meant to be a static shot or not but a zoom to reveal his name on the tombstone seems like it could be good. Perhaps a dramatic zoom that stops abruptly to match the punch of the word 'dead' at the end.

    1. A slight zoom would be a nice idea! I like it :D