Tuesday, 21 April 2015

Fantastic Voyage - Pre Vis First Draft

I've finally finished my pre vis, this consumed a lot of time, more than I thought it would originally take. Feedback is definitely welcomed, as I need to start rendering as soon as possible.


  1. Really clear to understand, I love the representation of a computer symbolising the human body :D

  2. Hi Charlie,

    I reckon you need a preface and an epilogue just to make things absolutely crystal clear for less imaginative audiences - not more Maya animation obviously: so, in simple terms, a text-based preface that literally states the metaphor:

    Something like 'Malaria is like a computer virus...' This section might also include some statistics, so 'Malaria kills x amount of people every year... It spreads like a computer virus...'

    I'm wondering too if maybe a suitably doomy epilogue might be in order - i.e. a graphical representation of the virus spreading from computer to computer, from network to network - I'm thinking of the kind of graphics that come at the end of 'Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes', when we were shown all the vectors of infection. I can see this being done using the same aesthetic as your world. What do you think?

    1. Hey Phil,

      Thanks for the quick feedback, I was thinking about adding in a preface and the idea of a doomy epilogue sounds great! I will get them made and added.

  3. Good job dude, really enjoyed the Michael bay segment. :D

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