Monday, 13 April 2015

Fantastic Voyage - USB Port Environment

I've been working on the opening environment for my animation, this is how it looks at the moment. Bare in mind that the code that overlaps some of the environment is being composited correctly in post production (As shown in the final image).

1. USB Port (not completely textured.)
 2. Environment, the code will be animated to slowly fall.
 3. Entrance to the 'Liver Chipset'.
 4. Lighting Tests, Left: Green tinted directional light. Right: Ambient light added
5. Composited image with glow effects.

The final animation will be post produced in after effects, adding glow to the assets and additional effects as required. Masks will be used to control what the code overlaps, additional code will be added as a foreground element.


  1. looking cool dude, applying the code to all the walls was a good shout!

    1. Thank you buddy, I appreciated all the feedback earlier, It definitely helped!

  2. This is looking cool. I'm getting pumped for the final thing.

    The idea of descending code is indeed a great idea, though the thing putting me off in 4 is the large shadow so keep up masking it like you have done in 5.