Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Character - Current Idea

After talking to Justin on Tuesday, we managed to start to refine some of the ideas I had and combine them. So at the moment the current idea for the game is as follows:

- Side scroller/puzzle game

- The villain has started teleporting inside film reels and causing a mess by adding props and characters that don't belong. Thus ruining the genre, for example: A princess has been trapped inside the horror genre.

- If that wasn't bad enough, the villain has also started to turn the 'worlds' into a silent black and white style.

- The hero enters the film reels to fix the mess, the hero can morph its appearance to suit the genre it is in. They can pick up props relevant to the genre they are in. (The villain can also morph his appearance, thus allowing him to disguise himself in the genre)

- By fixing things and picking up the correct items the hero can bring the colour back to the worlds. However any damage taken slowly drains the world of colour, this also happens if the incorrect item is used. For example you wouldn't be able to use a lasso in a romance world.

- The puzzles and abilities change based on the genre that the hero is in

- the overall objective is to fix the genre and bring the colour back to the worlds.

If this is the route I go down it will mean that the hero and villain characters will have to have a few different designs, so they can fit into the different genres. I will also have to start to think about the technology they use to get inside the reels of film, or the magic.

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