Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Character - Game Night

Yesterday after class we stayed behind and played a couple of games with Justin, to examine the game mechanics and such. First off we played a game called Smash Up, which is a card game that requires you to score 15 VP (Victory Points) to win.

It was a lot of fun to play, a bit slow at first because none of us knew what any of our cards did and we were still getting familiar with the rules. The game itself has loads of different decks, these include: Ninja, Geek, Wizards, Aliens, Fairies, etc. I got Ninja & Vampire as my deck which should of meant that I could destroy a lot of cards, however the hands were not in my favour. There are quite a few rules for this game but they are pretty easy to pick up, you draw five cards at the start, if there isn't a minion in those five you can discard and draw another 5. Each turn you can play one minion and one action, unless there are cards that state otherwise and the minions are played onto cards called bases. Bases have a number that relates to how much power it takes to score them and numbers to relate to how many VP the players can get. So the main objective is to score bases and stop your opponents from being able to get any VP, a base does reward VP to the first, second and third player that has the most minion power on it.

It was a really enjoyable game, Ryan ended up winning by a landslide due to his clever use of his alien cards.

The next game we played was called Fluxx, specifically the zombie edition of the game. This was much more fast paced and less complicated in its core.

The game starts with one rule, which is draw one card, play one card (unless you draw a creeper, in which case you have to keep drawing until you dont get one, I think they have to be played as well but I could be wrong). The cards consist of Keepers, which are the items that will help you win. Goals, which set the conditions to win. Rules, which add rules to the game, for example: Hand size 0, so you can't have any cards in your hand, you have to discard and then every turn you just play what you draw. Action, these are like spell cards, you just have to do what the action says. Ungoal, this card sets a goal that will let you game win.

This was a fun and quick game to play, Tumo won this one but having the correct keeper items, although he almost let the game win (some people just want to watch the world burn).

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