Saturday, 17 October 2015

Character - Story Idea Refined & Initial Character Ideas

Here is my idea for the character project so far:

The universe is made up of different genres; they are linked by a giant film reel in space that has doors (frames) to all the different worlds. These worlds are locked and the keys are disturbed to the different heroes in each world. Each world goes through a cycle (plot/full film), the game begins at the start of a new cycle, which means the hero and villain are fresh in their roles.

Our hero is from an adventure/comedy genre and notices that there is a character that is stuck and tries to help them. Once the hero saves the character he gets immobilized by a trap and sees the character he saved morph into the villain of the world. The villain steals the world key from the hero and rushes off to escape the genre. He enters the film reel that is linked to all the different worlds and he tampers with the device responsible for keeping the worlds in order. The reel begins to spin at ridiculous speeds, the hero finally catches up to the villain and stops the device. This causes the worlds to get messed up as the sudden stop jolts all the doors; it also breaks the locks making all of the genres accessible. The villain escapes into a random world and morphs himself to fit in, the hero follows. When in world the hero notices that everything has been muddled up, elements and characters from other worlds are now mixed in. The hero takes it upon himself to fix the worlds as he is partly responsible for them being messed up.

I sketched down some of the elements for the "world map", the idea is to have a film reel that the player is inside of, the different frames would be different worlds and the central device is what the villain uses to mess everything up.

The objective of the game is to fix the worlds by removing the elements that aren’t meant to be there and escorting the incorrect main character back to their world. The villain sets traps to try to stop you from fixing the worlds; he also convinces the characters in each world that you are the reason for all of the destruction, so they become obstacles and enemies that you have to deal with.


Name: (Working on the name)
Age: 16
Sex: Male
Wants (Goals): To fix the worlds and bring the villain back to the correct world (beat the villain)
Needs: To fix his own mess caused by his lack of experience
Internal Traits: Simple minded, Determined, Optimistic
External Traits:  Friendly, Clumsy, Panics when unexpected things happen
Flaws: Naive, Trusts people too easily, Inexperienced, Got lazy due to the comfort of repetitive cycles
Personal History:  Our hero is the son of a successful hero that always defeated the villain and kept the world safe, the father passed on the key and title of hero to the son a little while before our story begins. The hero gets too comfortable in the world as the villain has always been defeated in each cycle, so he decides not to practice using his abilities.


Name: (Working on the name)
Age: 17
Sex: Male
Wants (Goals): To escape from the never ending cycle of his world and to break the cycle for all of the worlds.
Needs: To be free from the circumstances he is trapped in, to rebel against the system
Internal Traits: Intelligent, Rebellious,
External Traits: Proud, Know-it-all teen,
Flaws: Selfish, Doesn’t think about consequences, Reckless, Stubborn

Personal History: Son of a villain that always failed, our villain doesn’t want to follow in his father’s footsteps. Instead the villain wants to rebel against the cycle and stop them permanently. He studies and plans how he can achieve this task, so he can please his rebellious nature. He selfishly decides that all of the worlds need the cycles to stop and plans to escape his predetermined destiny. 

I had a look at some games for ideas about how the game play might look and I also had a look at some characters for some inspiration.

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