Saturday, 7 November 2015

Character - Hero Thumbnails 45 - 53

I spoke to Justin on Tuesday and he recommended taking this design further, so I've had a play around with it today. As a reminder here the the information on the hero's character.

Name: (Working on the name)
Age: 16
Sex: Male
Wants (Goals): To fix the worlds and bring the villain back to the correct world (beat the villain)
Needs: To fix his own mess caused by his lack of experience
Internal Traits: Simple minded, Determined, Optimistic
External Traits:  Friendly, Clumsy, Panics when unexpected things happen
Flaws: Naive, Trusts people too easily, Inexperienced, Got lazy due to the comfort of repetitive cycles
Personal History:  Our hero is the son of a successful hero that always defeated the villain and kept the world safe, the father passed on the key and title of hero to the son a little while before our story begins. The hero gets too comfortable in the world as the villain has always been defeated in each cycle, so he decides not to practice using his abilities.

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  1. I like number 45 for the face and 50 and 52 for clothing