Monday, 21 December 2015

Character - Guardian Colour Comp #3

I followed Phils suggestion and made his boots the same colour as his skin, I think 59 or 62 are my favourite from this page. I do however thing that I should avoid using blue in his outfit as both the other characters have blue in their design.

For comparison I've added the other two pages and the hero (54) and villain, any feedback would be greatly appreciated.


  1. Hey Charlie - how about an update with all your other characters in-situ, so we can get a better sense of how these guys are sitting together as a trio?

  2. Using the same colours across multiple characters is less an issue of being repetitive and more-so being able to use the same colours to show the proper relationships between the characters. This can be subtle and doesn't have to be in your face however. For me as the Guardian stands right now he's extremely "pastel-ized" which, in contrast with the hero, makes me think they're from two different worlds. But looking at each character seperately numbers 57 & 61 work in my opinion whereas 55, for example does not. He seems extremely bright and colourful but his stance and facial expression tell another story. (You nailed it on the villain though!)

    SO FOR SOME ADVICE HAHA.. If you consider the saturation and especially contrast in values the colours of the character it should open up a lot more choice rather than going with the standard 3 COLOURS ALIGNED WITH RED BLUE AND YELLOW/GREEN. Take Akira for example, his colour design is basically 100% red but he is many shades within red, and then the pill on his black is white & blue which makes it stand out. JUST SOMETHIN' TO CONSIDER hope this wasn't too long winded my bad

    1. Ah thanks for all of the advice that was actually super helpful, colour is still a thorn in my side. I will carry on exploring and try to make him a lot less pastel-ized and more in line with the other characters.

      I appreciate the advice, thank you :D