Saturday, 23 January 2016

Adaptation A - Design Idea

I've been extremely busy all week recording a new album which was a lot of fun but also very draining, so I unfortunately have a bit of catching up to do. Here is an idea that I had for the design that might work quite nicely, it was to show the ABC's in the style of a training video.

The space in which the character is in would play out different scenarios, like customers yelling at him and stuff while the other side would have the related text. I thought about also adding some kind of clock to the interface to show that the work day is progressing, as when the day gets closer to the end the customer service generally is worse (not always but it depends on the abuse received).

1 comment:

  1. The clock suggestion could work either in one of the boxes to the right (like the top-right) or in the top-left corner of the scenario viewscreen.

    Given blocky nature of your artstyle, best use of a clock would be using a highlighted segment to represent how far past 12 o clock the work-day is. Maybe you could use different colours to represent morning and afternoon?