Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Adaptation A - Script

This is the 'script' I have currently settled on, I found a nice upbeat voice actor that I will be getting in contact with to see if he is available.

The ABC of Customer Service

  • Always smile
  • Blame your manager when a customer complains
  • Customers are always right
  • Decipher the shopping list….. Scribbles abstract enough to be Picassos
  • Educate your co-workers….. Let them do the work
  • Find the needle in the haystack
  • Get ready for the grumbling customers…… who state they will shop somewhere else
  • Hope that no one asks for help
  • It’s almost break time
  • Jaded with the customers bluntness
  • Knee-deep in screams and complaints
  • Lunch time is soon…. Right?
  • Merciless customers unleash hell
  • Nasty children running a mock
  • Oblivious customers ramming you with their trolleys
  • Plan an escape route….. it’s time for a break
  • Queer questions asked by strange customers
  • Remember that smile
  • Sneak around customers…. You can do it unleash the inner ninja
  • The tedious day is almost over, remain tenacious
  • Unfortunately you’re targeted by the customers with all of the problems
  • Voiceless employees carry on…. Even when the going gets tough
  • Wayward customers borrowing things….. Another half of a sandwich is missing
  • You need the money. You need the money. You need the money
  • Zero commitment…. It’s home time

Before I commit for the voice actor I would just like some feedback on the current script, does it read okay, etc.

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