Saturday, 13 February 2016

Adaptation B - Idea Refinement & Pop Thumbnails

After the tutorial with Alan today I have been thinking about the direction of my idea more in depth to help make the design process easier on myself. So the idea is that the game basically is a literal Battle of the Bands, meaning that lots of different genres face off against each other in actual combat to be named the greatest band/genre. This means that the direction of character design is now going to be focused on making a satirical version of the genre, so I will be looking at certain periods and aspects of each genre and combining them to create characters.

Starting off with the Pop Princess, for this character I have been looking at more recent artists such as Lady GaGa, Nicki Minaj, Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift and Katie Perry with slight influences from Jean Paul Gaultier. Here are the results so far, I've tried to exaggerate features and costume to feel even crazier than usual, I feel as if that got better the more I did. I like 21 and 22 at the moment but I will continue to explore more and try to push the costume and cliches more.


  1. yes, 21 is nicely larger than life - and I can see too how that great big bow could be weaponised as part of a special move!

  2. 17 is definitely channeling the GaGa. 22 is really channeling the GaGa and Perry. But ultimately I prefer no. 22.