Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Adaptation B - Metal Thumbnails Continued

After talking to Alan it became clear that the characters were lacking props that would enrich and completely sell the character. So I've started to work on the metal character again adding a guitar which he could use as a weapon. I've also sketched things that remind me of metal, as they could potentially be useful for hit animations, so for example as the metal character punches little sprites that are related to metal would emit from the impact.

I'm quite drawn to the idea of having the guitar be an actual axe as guitars are referred to as axes, I'm also debating whether the guitar needs a strap or if it can be magically attached as the unsheathe animation would be smoother.


  1. I think I prefer the strap worn by 2. The devil-horns-hand guitar might possibly be a little too silly in comparison to the rest of the character. The axe-guitar looks more fitting imo.

    Great idea with the metal-sprites, inject some fun!

  2. Awesome! Good job this guy. The proportions, pose and costume are great. Yeah, I like the strap on B. It sits nicely with the rest of the costume. Careful with the guitar placement on his back - A simple silhouette will lead to an easier visual read. Look forward to seeing more!