Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Adaptation B - Pop Colour Comp

I wanted the Pop Princess to be overly cute to the point where it makes you feel a little bit sick. So I tried to put as much pink into her colour scheme as possible, B and C are my favourites at the moment, i think the light blue in C works nicely with the pink.

After my tutorial with Alan it was decided that I would be taking the pop character forward as the character that I will model, rig, texture and animate the game cycles for.


  1. I like C the most, but I would still play around with shades of pink and that nice baby blue. Perhaps introducing a very pale pink to few elements could help as well? I would say it's close, but keep searching for the perfect colour scheme :D

  2. I sort of feel that bow should be pink - maybe look at shite like this for inspiration:

    1. Hahaha that toxic looks like it will suit her very well!
      I will keep exploring options :D