Sunday, 31 July 2016

Personal Work - Work Experience Summary and Sketches

My time away from uni has been very busy so I have neglected my blog a bit however this post will be a summary of what I have been up to!

After finishing uni for the summer I went to Nexus for work experience for a month, it was an amazing experience in which I got to work on a few different projects and play with some great characters (unfortunately I am not allowed to give specific details on what I worked on). During my time at Nexus I learnt a lot about the industry, worked with a couple of directors and made some great connections. I worked closely with one director to create a 3D animatic for a 3d printed stop motion short film/advert, It was a fun job and I was asked to come back to help on the shoot. The shoot happened a few weeks ago and it was a very hectic weekend, the 3d animatic I created was used as a step by step guide on the shoot which was incredible to see, the whole shoot was an amazing experience and I am very excited to see the final film and to then be able to share it.

I guess to sum up my time at Nexus I would say it was amazing, I learnt a lot and had so much fun! I can honestly see myself working in the industry and loving every day.

Here is something I can show from my time at Nexus, In my spare time I worked on a tyre flip animation with one of their characters, animated in 3dsmax and rendered with v-ray:

I've been sketching in my free time as well, I haven' been able to get onto a pc for a while so I have reverted to sketchbook drawings instead of my usual digital sketchbook. Here are the pages I've done, they are mostly fan arts.