Wednesday, 10 August 2016

@Alan Tutorial Character - Mouth and Eye Shapes

I tried making the hair slightly clearer, hopefully that is helpful for modelling. I also did some basic eye and mouth shapes, I wasn't sure if you wanted them extracted from the character or drawn as above (it made more sense for me to draw them with the face to get a better understanding of if they worked).

If you need any changes or any additional things let me know, I'm off on holiday on Friday so I will try to get anything done before then.


  1. Yup, that's perfect Charlie. Last thing can you send me the PSD files so that I have all of the facial shapes on transparent layers? - That's the eyes / mouth on their own layer(s). I think Phil is going to include this in the PWTM this month along with some things Justin and I have been doing too so watch out for a shout out on the group blog. Ok thanks again Charlie. Great Stuff!

    1. Hey Alan, glad it is all good and I will just sort that out and send it now! Phil emailed me about it being included I just need to reply to him with all of the information.
      I look forward to seeing her come to life!

  2. okay, but this is super cute Charlie