Thursday, 22 December 2016

Minor Project - Mother Rigged & The 'Happy' Family

The mum is pretty much finished, there are still some skinning issues with the dress but I will iron those out and hopefully it will all work nicely. I got some advice from Alan on how to tackle it which involved creating a duplicate mesh and using rivets to control the main mesh.

I couldn't resist putting the family together, so I quickly put them all in a scene and posed them for a group photo. While doing this I noticed that two of the boys buttons weren't working correctly, they had some how flipped, so I will be investigating that as well as polishing the mothers dress.


  1. Hi Charlie

    The flipping is likely to be the aim constraint on the rivet. It's possibly bridging two edges (one face) which is causing the problem...its distorting too much. Try deleting the rivet and making a new one across the opposite edges (eg side to side instead of top / bottom). Also if you have it bridging two faces (three edges) that will also cause a flip.