Sunday, 8 January 2017

Minor Project - Boy Turnaround Progress #1

I've started getting the Boy's turnaround ready, I still want to add some animation to him but here is how it looks so far:

This is how it looks rendered, the lighting may need a bit of tweaking to get a better look but overall I think it is working. Any feedback will be appreciated, as It would be ideal to start rendering this tomorrow!


  1. This looks really cool, I love his pj's and his eyes, that detail is neat :D can't wait to see the rest! keep it up :D

  2. Hey Charlie - if I'm coming too late to this, apologies... but I wonder if the base element is too dark and saturated in relation to the largely de-saturated and more powdery palette of the boy? It feels a bit 'dead' and under-nuanced in comparison with the boy - perhaps the 'blanket' needs a faint check-pattern to elevate it visually - anyway, there's something too flat and too light-absorbing about that component at the moment.