Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Major Project - Animatic #5

I changed up the ending and now I feel like it all flows better. Phil suggested breaking up the music into themes which I attempted here. It's still a long way off in sound design terms however as a reference for a composer it is getting there. Lots of sound effects are missing at the moment, I will have to record some asap!

Any feedback is warmly welcomed, sound design is definitely something I struggle with. 


  1. Hey Charlie - I'm in on Friday - lets have side-by-side pow-wow about sound etc - and the ending - because while that new shot is fab - it's still rushed and it's going to be easier to nail this offline :)

  2. Hi Charlie - musically, I just want you to spend some time with Jerry Goldsmith's score for Poltergeist - because it moves from melodies to a sort of avant-garde dissonance - so from family to horror, but all the time haunted by a sort of sense of things not being quite right: this link is a suite that travels that course - I think this score might be a useful reference for a collaborator?


    Give it a listen before we meet up today.

    Also - Shelob's Lair:


    and even better: Bait & Chase from Alien 3 by Elliot Goldenthal - I think it's got EXACTLY the sound signatures you need - not musical or melody driven, but something less 'gloopy' than that - a character in it's own right. Listen to this track on your headphones and listen to the 'insect sounds' move from left to right - etc - again, I think this would make for a great 'mood board' for your composer... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cmFAwiJtuRM